Final output of selects/files

After the shoot, you will receive all files shot for that particular project between 24 and 48 Hours.  These will be sent directly through an online transfer platform such as Dropbox or Wetransfer.  The files will be colour and density corrected but in their Raw state.  Usually you will get a contact sheet style PDF and a Lo-Res version with unique file names, you can then pick 20 Selects to be retouched.  We can help with the editing process if needed.

When you receive the Lo-Res raws, this is when the full balance of the fee is due, this will indicate that you have seen all of the images and are happy.  When the balance due has been paid the Hi-Res Raws will be uploaded and sent to you.  It is recommended that you download and save these somewhere safe, we save everything but do not guarantee the archiving of any imagery.

Once we have the 20 selects, the first round of retouching will commence and be turned around within 5 business days.  This is where the imagery is straightened, colour corrected and any minor items such as wall plug’s and wires are taken out.  If there are any further comments or edits, this will be agreed prior to a second round and be charged per the hour.

Image File Preparation

As there are many needs for the imagery such as for web, social media and publication, we will prepare the files accordingly so there is no extra work on your end.

Image Usage and Copyright Ownership

We are very flexible and accommodating when it comes to image usage, whilst the copyright ownership is retained by Patrick Cline Photography, you may use the images for an unrestricted time for web, social media and for print or online publication.  We only ask that whenever the imagery is used it is credited to Patrick Cline.